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(Based on 10 rentals I in a .06 mile radius)


(Possible 4.5% Median Error)


What is


A property leasing platform that advertises over hundreds of websites to find the most qualified tenants; fast. We handle all self-showings, instant offers, thorough tenant screenings and digital executed lease agreements; for one flat fee.

First we advertise your Property in 100’s of websites.

Handle instant showings with ID biometrics verification.

Receive immediate negotiable offers to your phone.

In-depth background checks done on your tenants.

Digital lease execution  with tenant’s good  faith deposit.


  • logo BRICKLY

  • Only $295 flat fee and no upfront costs
  • Rent time is 14 days faster than realtor
  • Instant showings 24/7 with ID biometric check
  • Self showings pose zero risk to individuals
  • Instant, eco friendly, digital contracts that curtail errors

  • 1 month - 10% of leasing contract charged
  • Can take 60 plus days to rent
  • Showing availability depends on their schedule
  • Meeting strangers in vacant properties is risky
  • Timely with old school written paper negotiations


Your property will be marketed worldwide to hundreds of websites for faster rental. Brickly’s average is minimum 14 days faster than a Realtor.


You will have detailed reports with all your prospective tenants’ inquires, viewings, questions and comments for your review.


Prospects can visit your property at their convenience 7 days a week; we handle and monitor self-showings with secure Biometric ID verification.


In-depth, nationwide prospect background screenings with credit, eviction and criminal checks; FAR-BAR contracts digitally executed.

Date Report Name Notes
9/21/17 1st Report Funding info
9/21/17 2nd Report Funding info
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